Our vets work with all sections of the industry to improve the health, welfare and performance of our broilers.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with an on-farm service and providing practical and innovative solutions to challenges faced in modern broiler production. We offer an extensive range of laboratory testing where required including bacteriology, PCR and serology testing. Clients will soon be able to access laboratory results and water prescriptions through our secure online database.

In order to deliver bespoke solutions to our clients we believe in regular site visits at an affordable price. Farm visits by both vets and fieldsman are provided depending on the disease or production issue. The use of in-house fieldsman reduces costs should a vet not be required or requested, for example blood sampling. Our vets work with the retailers to ensure that the production chain is coherent and that all areas of the supply chain understand the needs and challenges faced by the other parts.

The requirement to reduce and use antibiotics responsibly has been a top priority for the poultry industry for some years. St David's has led the way in testing alternative approaches to antibiotics. Now with many years of experience, we are in a good position to advise our clients on a range of products and management techniques which will allow further antibiotic reduction. The programme we use is called ABC (Applied Bacterial Control). ABC at its core is about diagnosis, and developing bespoke vet health plans to suit the farm's individual requirements. Our research into alternatives to antimicrobials has allowed us to provide our client base with a range of essential oils, probiotics and organic acids aimed at improving bird health. For more information, contact the practice.

The veterinary surgeons are widely experienced in all aspects of the poultry industry, but it is the personal on farm service provided to all farms whatever size, that defines the high standards of St David’s Poultry Team Ireland.



The layer industry is a very important part of our business and we provide veterinary services to all sectors, from hatchery to adult layer.

Farm visits and laboratory work is planned to maximize the birds’ health and welfare. As with broilers, the most important area is farm visits and we aim to provide to all our layer and pullet rearers a veterinary service at a local cost.

Our expertise, in all sectors of poultry production, ensures we are able to advise clients on present and future challenges. Our field service is particularly important to our layer clients offering on-farm vaccination, developing cleaning protocols and helping with water system administration.

The veterinary team works hard to provide a range of novel solutions to layer issues. Attention to detail and individual personal service is the defining attribute of all of the staff at St David's Poultry Team Ireland. Whatever your requirements as a layer farmer or pullet rearer, we are here to help.



St David’s Poultry Team Ireland provides veterinary care and flock health planning for turkey farms of all sizes from year round production through to the specialist Christmas market.

We offer a range of health solutions bespoke to each farm depending on the challenges and expectations of the market. Additionally, we can provide a range of laboratory testing for turkey pathogens where required.

Our veterinary team are committed to promoting good bird health through the use of vaccination and antimicrobial alternatives. Our Seed, Feed, Weed concept is particularly useful in helping to maintain good intestinal health in turkeys without the need for antimicrobial treatment. This forms the basis of our ABC (Applied Bacterial Control) approach.

We also can provide guidance on legislation surrounding turkey production and processing to ensure our producers are kept up to date.



Our experienced vets offer the highest standard of care for pheasants, partridge and grouse in rear and release as well as providing advice on bio-security and welfare legislation.

We believe in providing a holistic, ‘hands-on’ and evidence based approach, accommodating both small and large hatcheries, rearers and shoots.  We can offer regular site visits and routine monitoring where required and strive to provide you with clear and practical guidance on methods and protocols that will help prevent disease and welfare issues developing, rather than traditional reactive treatment approach. We support gamekeepers in being proactive and aim to provide clients with health care programmes tailored to the individual needs and requirements.

If post-mortem examinations are required, these can take place on-site, at one of the premises or laboratory facilities. Our professional laboratory service can offer water, bacteriology and rotavirus testing to give you rapid results.

We are actively involved in innovative research and testing of new products and equipment to be able to provide the most up to date guidance. The dispensary stocks a wide range of products for all your medication, vaccine and general product needs.