What is ABC pH?

ABC pH is a unique blend of buffered organic acids with added Copper and Zinc. Designed to improve gut health in birds by supporting and promoting the microflora, a community of bacteria that reside in the gut of the bird. Organic acids also aid protein digestion and improve the palatability of water. ABC pH is also effective at aiding the control of pathogens such as E.Coli and Salmonella.

When to use?

ABC pH works by lowering the pH of the drinking water to control bacterial growth within the drinking lines and thus can also be used in situations where alkaline water is affecting bird’s water consumption.

ABC pH also helps to promote gut health and can be used at any of the following times:
• Pre or post vaccination
• Chick start
• Feed change
• Times of stress e.g thinning
• Wet litter
• To aid fertility issues
• Digestive issues/decreased feed intake

How does it work?

ABC pH is a well buffered acid blend which ensures that the organic acids remain un-disocciated until they reach the gut of the bird where they are needed. This aids in maintaining a low gut pH which makes it difficult for pathogenic bacteria to survive and promotes the microflora. The organic acids also aid in the conversion of pepsinogen to pepsin which increases protein and amino acid digestibility improving weight gain and feed efficiency. The copper and zinc included in the blend are important for a range of metabolic processes and for normal tissue development. Organic acids have been shown to be effective at controlling pathogenic bacteria by penetrating the bacterial cell wall, lowering the pH within the bacteria and preventing it replicating.


The dose rate ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 litres/1000 litres drinking water. We highly recommend carrying out a farm specific titration to get an accurate dose rate targeted for your farms water. Water hardness plays a large role in the effectiveness of the product at lowering the pH. The aim is to lower the pH to between 3.8-4.2 and we recommend monitoring the pH at the end of the drinking line when using ABC pH.

Volume: 25kg

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